The main symbol of the Amos Rome brand is a glyph designed to evoke the heritage of the Native Americans who lived on this land.  The four colors of the Amos Rome brand are based on four natural elements: the blue of the lake, the purple of the grapes, and the charcoal and ochre of the vineyard house.   And if you look carefully at the logo, you'll see it spells AMOS ROME.  

[Hint:  Rotate your head horizontal to your right shoulder, read what's now the bottom from left to right and you'll see the word AMOS.  Now rotate your head horizontal to your left shoulder, read what's now the bottom from left to right and you'll see the word ROME.  Simple, right?]

When Tom had the opportunity to retire from the technology industry in 2011, he and Teddi were ready to put into place plans that had been evolving over the prior twenty-plus years. They always knew Lake Chelan was their retirement destination, but they wanted to make sure they did something with commitment to and involvement in the community.  Combining their love of wines with active investment in the Lake Chelan AVA was the perfect solution.  And Amos Rome Vineyards was born.

​​​​​Our Story

Of course, there's much more to an appreciation of wines than those three regions, and Tom and Teddi have enjoyed traveling, tasting and collecting wines throughout the US, Canada, South America and Europe.  [Still working on that Australia/New Zealand wine trip...always good to have something to look forward to.]

Our Logo

Tom and Teddi Pettigrew are the owners of Amos Rome Vineyards.  In 1988 they solidified their love of the Lake Chelan area by purchasing their first vacation property at Wapato Point.  In 1990, they began wine touring in earnest, starting with the early wineries of the Yakima and Walla Walla valleys and branching out to the Willamette Valley shortly thereafter.  They like to say that Washington satisfies their Bordeaux and Rhone wine needs, while Oregon's Willamette Valley (and more recently, the south shore of Lake Chelan) takes care of Burgundy.